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The universe

Friday 10 September 2010, by aguy

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They have always been here....attached to each other just like this...
« 2 »...outside of time. They wait..for the others: the strangers who will come from elsewhere this evening, and who may be able to get close to their secret. They celebrate themselves and each other as twins, brother-sister, man-woman. In the ceremony...the ritual: they are alone but together on their tiny island, their singular (circus) ring, abandoned, they live side by side, they play with the duck and death, the wolf and the girl with the silver braids. They beat the earth with wooden clogs, straighten their (umbilical) hats, and simultaneously, straighten their emotions so as not to fear solitude.....they wait....and as they wait, they fill the sky with awkward feats, with clown -like contorsion, and with their need to see, to see right past the borders.
In fact as they sit there so simply, so sagely they are waiting...for us!

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