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The Universe

Friday 25 October 2013, by Le Ptit Cirk

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Danielle Le Pierrès and Christophe Lelarge are an experienced duet. Thirty years of circus work punctuated with
collaborators such as Le Cirque du Soleil, Archaos, Circus Plume, or Les Arts Sauts, prove that they have reached
levels of « high flight ». Strengthened by their exceptional career path, they settled in the Breton ountryside and have offered, in the past ten years, a series of shows that is defined by a common theme linking flying trapeze to ground-work.
These are the people that make up this particular tribe. They speak a language that can refrain from words but not from looks, gasps, joyful whistles, hands on shoulders, and shoulders as platforms from which to fly, up into the blue sky, and the empty space. Their language is one of the heart and it’s beating, that we can sense and even see in the center ring. We see it accelerate and then slow almost to a halt, to a silence. The heart of this tribe, is a trapeze that slides from low to high, that stirs or goes wild, depending on whether or not we run from it. They take risks and make us shiver. Yes, but they are together and it is a link that is never severed. In Breton,
« Hirsinn » is the « hairs rising on end ». Hirsinn gives us goose-bumps. And then we regain confidence.
Together is still possible. In their eyes, we can read, without the other I am nothing.
With this new circus show, Danielle LePierrès and Cristophe Lelarge have become six. Their duet is widened by another duet , two young men, who have a passion for Chinese hoop diving, and yet another duet, two musicians who master their bandolen and saxophone, who paint the yellow circus tent with rhythmes, and play in the round
ring as one would play with a clock that is endlessly thrilling. It seems that they can help us to defeat the passing of time, and to beat boredome, and countless other miseries.
Guy Darol.

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