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The universe

Friday 10 September 2010, by aguy

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Under the faulty light of an old street light, a few notes on a mandolin, the glide of a slide trombone, the sighs of a standing bass....this is how the world spins in Le P’tit Cirk, like the turning of a crank on an aging music box.
Behind the rusty palisade,right between a trapeze tune and the oddest tango, it’s « Madame Le Colonel » who wears the pants and names the names. The groom had just better stand up, and the man, already soaked through, well he’d better find out which way is up and walk the straight and narrow, under the musician’s swells and billows. Only, in that world there, it all gets tangled, and confuses gravity’s habits. Mixing circus techniques with those of silent film and mime, Tok knocks at the doors of our childhood, with it’s fanciful nostalgia and it’s strong, plain poetry.

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