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Friday 10 September 2010, by aguy

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After multiple adventures, Danielle Le Pièrres and Christophe Lelarge created their own company, so as to write and play out their own circus stories. With their first two shows (Togenn, 2005 and Tok, 2006) Le Ptit Cirk took it’s place as one of the most endearing, inventive and singular artistic adventures of today. This P’tit Cirk manages to work through beauty, emotion and great tenderness.
In each show, it weaves mischevious poetry with the technical rigor of a circus figure, a movement, or a gesture.
The true performance here, is to give apparent simplicity an extraordinary force, to let the metamorphosis take place, to lead us directly into the realm of the marvellous.
Thierry Voisin, Journaliste, mars 2009

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