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Our path

Monday 6 December 2010, by aguy

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Since we left the National French school of circus arts ( Centre National des arts du cirque, CNAC), our artistic path has led us through various circus companies, as well as through both street and stage theater (Le Cirque du Soleil, Archaos, Cie Goudard, Cie Rmi-Rayazone, Turbulence, Le "Cirque Plume" and "Les Arts sauts").Throughout, our work has been consistantly centered around trapeze, aerial acting, clowning, music...and the particular spacing, the challenging timing of these art forms.
As the years pass, the energy and effervescence of the collective process has become more and more essential to our work method. Our way of searching for new ideas, our way of creating a show, has been formed by these experiences.
The past 8 years spent at the core of Les Arts Sauts, and particularly our own artistic committment to the group was an enriching experience for us, which enabled us to finally create our own company le p’tit Cirk, in 2004.

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