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Monday 6 December 2010, by aguy

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"2", Le P’ tit Cirk : Immense, this P’tit Cirk! !
Like the beginning of the world. One of those shows that stirs the emotional center. « 2 » is a mirage, that in one simple swing, carries us up and away, to the very top of the tiny big top where the show takes place. In this wooden-clogged circus calvacade , juggling and acrobatics create a playground for the two characters, whose mischevious sponteniousness does not contradict the underlying depth of feeling.
Between heaven and earth, between two birthday candles, a story is told. A story of expectation and of the particular attention one person pays to another. Solitude, then the slightest contact, this circus ring is a joyous place, an innocent one, and bares witness to the need for contact.
In this third creation, Christophe Lelarge and Danielle Le Pièrres continue to explore the trapeze world, and the aerial clown arena. With great finesse, they sculpt their lunar characters, children of paradise, strong, teasing, and as sharply meticulous as a wrinkled candy wrapper. A superb piece of mime, « 2 » avoids all the traps of grandiloquent performance, and instead suggests a poetry in which the body is evident, the gestures delicate, and the looks of a marvellous intensity. Everything about this show suggests humility, tenderness and humor. Umbilical!
Anne WARIN / February 2010

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