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La Stradda, the creativity magazine of « Hors les Murs » (Outside the Walls)

Friday 10 September 2010, by aguy

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« 2 » is a quiet and tender moment to be shared. Thirty minutes as precious and ephemeral as a shooting star. For a brief instant, we are led gently out of our world into the heart of another. In this minimalistic aerial ballet, the duo created by Danielle Le Pièrres et Christophe Lelarge is a simple pleasure to see. After « Tok » (the show created in 2006) these well versed artists, whose path led them through the National Center for Circus Arts, and Les Arts Sauts, have been able, in « 2 », to stay true to their artistic purpose. Pure, straight forward, with great sensitivity, and without artifice, they use their skill for expressive simplicity rather than grandeur, and manage to respect throughout, the fragile side of life.

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