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Monday 6 December 2010, by aguy

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« When the circus is creative »
Far from the bustle of Avignon’s Remparts, isn’t it fine, when night falls, to disappear down one of the paths that lead to l’île Piot, as coolness and calm bathe the shores of the Rhône...
and to reach, at the end of the road, a world awash with color and fire. As we come round the bend, a circus tent appears, set down like a rock on a lawn, surrounded by strings of light. This is where Le P’titCirk presents « TOK », a cross-genre invention that, without denying it’s circus roots, opens joyously to other horizons. It is funny, poetic, full of energy. A delightful show in a place (Espace Vincent de Paul) that overflows with surprises.
We find ourselves in this odd, unstrung world for an hour, living a lifetime with it’s characters. A timid, awkward groom, a standing base player at war with his instrument, a harsh, grumbling accordeonist, and overall Madame le Colonel, who tries to hold them all together with an iron grip: these are the characters of our quartet. With much malice, and a bit of spite, each one does his best to find a space for himself inside the margins of this peculiar world. The artists, with impeccable technique, integrate the body entirely in their interpretation.Each character defines himself with a specific energy, a tempo, a movement -style of his own. The nearly total absence of the spoken word reinforces the physical impact. In this way the show takes on a singular rhythme that leans toward the comical, and gives it a strong clown dimension.
Tok confirms, for anyone who might doubt it, that contemporary circus has more than one cat in it’s bag,and proves it’s own abundant diversity. Far from being simple tecnicians, these circus performers are complete artists,who bring poetry,humor and imagination to the show. The circus acts, centered around flying trapeze, are perfectly mastered and highly esthetic. Madame le Colonel’s muscular, flexible body finds flight in a beautiful trapeze solo, while the base player and the groom throw themselves into an astounding flying act. The audience ,frightened but enraptured, watches as the artists take greater and greater risks with perfect mastery. Throughout, the accordeonist accompanies with wonderful musical creativity and intelligence.

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